Lifestyle Change and Devising a Plan

I’m picky, I will admit I just might be hard to please. I did Keto for a year and at the time I absolutely loved it, but let us not forget I am a Libra. My mind changes with the wind, and right now Keto has me bored to tears. I love the idea of  a low carb diet , but the high fat part which seemed so fun in the beginning of my Keto journey has lost it’s charm. So with that said I am on the hunt for a lifestyle change that suits my current situation. At the moment I need something that is not too demanding as far as preparation, but that doesn’t have a lot of processed foods. I have always preferred to have whole natural foods. I definitely feel as if my weight gain is the lack of physical activity as well as the frequency in which I eat. I don’t eat absorbent amounts of food in one sitting but what I do is “graze” according to the nutritionist I saw. My thoughts are, if I can keep myself occupied with other activities and plan out my snacks for the day I can essentially kill two birds with one stone. Alleviate bad snack choices by planning ahead, and also choosing activities to break up the day that offer some type of mental reprieve while also occupying my time.

So lets recap, my goal by the end of this post is to have a plan I can implement that checks off all of my boxes as far as what I need right now. Low carb without being necessarily high fat. Only natural sugars, and foods that can either be prepared ahead of time and or have quick and easy prep times. My baby sister is vegan and she has tried her hardest to get me over to the plant side, and I feel as if I can commit a few dishes or a few days a week it the lifestyle but I just feel that it would be too restrictive.  I think that is also why Keto has run it’s course with me. I really miss fruit. Sometimes I just want a banana or some grapes. Its obvious that what I want is not goin to come in some neat little package I’m going to have to really put a couple things together to fit my needs.

Enter the Carb Manager App, I downloaded it on recomendation from someone in one of my keto groups on Facebook a while ago. I purchased the premium version so I can customize my macros. Using my information it suggested I have around 2500 calories a day to lose about 3 pounds a month. Thats a waste of time in my opinion so I lowered my calorie intake to 1947 with an anticipated weightloss of 9 pounds a month. I used the low crb moderate fat option which turned out to be 97g net carbs, 195g  protein, and 87g fat. Ive used this app before so I have a lot of recipes already in here to make logging easy. Tools like these are great when you are getting started on a new way of eating until you get to the point where you can pretty much know where you are as far as your macros.

Go to to download the app the free version works perfectly fine  for keto.


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