Candy Body Lotion


Candy Body Lotion


Rich, creamy lotion with a sweet sugary fragrance.

Our decadent lotions melt into your skin like the smoothest of butter. We use the finest ingredients to moisturize and condition your skin. Luxury ingredients like aloe vera juice for added moisture, silk proteins to increase elasticity in the skin, and natural shea butter for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Our lotions are very versatile whether you use them fresh out of the shower or just for a mid-day spruce up, they won't let you down.

Just like candy this sugary sweet scent is better than a milkshake when it comes to bringing the boys to the yard!


Top: Warm spices

Middle: Tonka, Jasmine, Vanilla, Coconut

Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood Musk, Amber, Coconut


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